White Well Holiday Cottages is over a 1000ft above sea level. Our cottages and games room are set high on the hillside in a converted barn. Apart from our local farmer passing through on our private lane to manage his live stock or fields above us, we are left to our own devices. With open land all around us and many secluded areas on the property, wild life and stunning views is just  part of staying at White Well Holiday Cottages.   

House Martins, Swifts and Swallows

All these species of birds are on the decline in the UK. At White Well Holiday Cottages we are proud to say that the returning numbers are stable. Nesting in the garages, the eves of the holiday accommodation and main house we can have anything up to twenty pairs. They fly through the courtyard and gardens catching insects on the wing all summer.  


Wildlife is in abundance..............

  1. Buzzards
  2. Redkites
  3. Robins
  4. Blackbirds
  5. Chaffinch
  6. Great Tits
  7. Common Sparrow and many more varieties of birds
  8. Bats 
  9. Hares
  10. Rabbits
  11. Welsh wild Polecat (sighted 3 times)
  12. Deer
  13. Various species of butterflies.

Where and when?

Seasons and weather patterns  do influence the behaviour of our wild visitors.  Hot summer months, droughts or harsh weather affect where they live and how they live.   In 2018 we are working with a Welsh council backed scheme to reintroduce Barn Owls to our small woodland. 

Tell us what you see

If you are a guest at our holiday accommodation and you see something that is unusual, please let us know and we will try and monitor it, maybe even get a photograph.