Starting to wild...

We are very lucky to have a wide variety of wildlife visiting the grounds around White Well Holiday Cottages, but we want more. With increasing pressure on habitat we have decided to wild 7 acres of our land. In 2019 we succeeded in getting planning permission to create a lake, and have planted over 350 trees and sown wild flowers in the meadow in front of the cottages. Exciting times are ahead for us and the wildlife.  Look out for Owl boxes, bird boxes, bug boxes, butterfly houses and hedgehog houses around the grounds and in the trees around the cottages.

We also want our guests to reap the benefits of this work by seeing and enjoying the wildlife here and hope you will help us support local wildlife.  You can follow us on Facebook. 

Our progress?

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The best place to get updates is on our Facebook Ffynnon Wen wilding social media site.